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Chicago’s own, Jeanna Tyomi (@Glamazontyomi) , sits down w/ The Real Midwest Radio & Discuss Chicago, ANTM, Playboy & Her Future!

November 17th, 2010 | by Mr. Midwest
Chicago’s own, Jeanna Tyomi (@Glamazontyomi) , sits down w/ The Real Midwest Radio & Discuss Chicago, ANTM, Playboy & Her Future!

Chicago is by far one of the key places in the Midwest for art, theater, music, film, fashion & modeling.  Lets just say Chicago is a Midwest Entertainment playground.  But just don’t think its that easy, Jeanna Tyomi, will be the 1st to tell you that its all about your work ethic.  A former America Next Top Model contestant, she sits down with us and explains the modeling scene as well as other highlights in her career.


Name – Jeanna Tyomi
Hometown Chicago, IL
Website – //
Booking Info – JT at
Twitter – @Glamazontyomi  

WRMR: Please take the time to introduce yourself to our readers!
Jeanna Tyomi: Hey Earthlings! This is Tyomi the Glamazon checking in! Welcome to my world!

WRMR: You’ve got a quite a list of accomplishments under your belt, which one of those accomplishments just really took your breath away and had you like, “Wow…this is really huge for me!”?
Jeanna Tyomi: The one accomplishment that gave me that “wow, this is really huge for me” moment was when I got the opportunity to participate in Casting week for America’s Next Top Model Cycle 14. Not only did get to meet Tyra Banks and the glamorous “Jays” But I got some good face time on television and I met some amazing women. Appearing on ANTM has been one of my goals since I was 15 and it took 6 tries for me to land on the show, but I accomplished my goal.

WRMR: Now being from Chicago their is a world of opportunity their. What’s the modeling scene like in Chicago right now?
Jeanna Tyomi: Modeling in Chicago overall is pretty slow and it really varies from person to person. Chicago is a niche market so the availability of “quality” work is slim, especially for plus sized models (yes i am considered plus sized).

WRMR: What would be the greatest asset of Tyomi The Glamazon?
Jeanna Tyomi: My best asset is my mind because it is my intelligence and my ability to squeeze optimism out of every situation that furthers me and gets me into the doors that I walk through.

WRMR: Now when you google “Tyomi The Glamazon” quite a few blog post from you pop up. So is blogging something of a hobby for you or was that just something you were doing at the moment?
Jeanna Tyomi: Blogging is a hobby for me and it is something that I enjoy. I have been writing short stories and poetry since I was five years old I have always been encouraged by my late Aunt Nicole L. Shields (published poet) to express myself through the written word. In the new year I will be picking back up with my Fashion Blog as well as starting a Video Blog that focuses on Women’s sexual health and relationships.

WRMR: Alot of models get criticized and accused of getting enhancements to their body. What are your thoughts on that topic?
Jeanna Tyomi: As far as enhancements go, I feel that a woman has the right to do what she believes will help propel her into success within the modeling industry. Getting a breast augmentation or butt implants is no different from losing or gaining weight in order to fit into a certain modeling category for better marketing, and it’s no different than models changing their hair colors, wearing extensions or using other aids that enhance their beauty. I have no problem with it, but that’s something that’s mainly seen in the and Adult industry. Fashion and commercial models rarely use body enhancements to further their careers because they model clothes and products instead of their bodies.


WRMR: Per your twitter, you were offered a few jobs in the adult industry & some request for Playboy? Is nude shooting something you’re opposed to?
Jeanna Tyomi: I love being nude and I have done a few nude shoots in the last few months. Shooting nude is something that I embrace because it makes me feel more comfortable with my body and all of its imperfections. Being nude on camera helps be become more confident in my clothes on camera. As far as jobs in the adult industry, I’m not too interested in it because I do seek to have more of a mass market appeal, and accepting those types of jobs would put me in a position where commercial brands might not want to pick me up.

WRMR: So of course the men want to know, are you single?
Jeanna Tyomi: Yes, I am happily single and want to remain this way until I have completely learned myself and experienced more of life.

WRMR: So if a man wanted to catch your attention what would be the one thing he can do that you just cant resist?
Jeanna Tyomi: An intelligent man with confidence and great fashion sense is absolutely irresistible to me. Great Hygiene is a must as well.

WRMR: So a hot topic in todays world is how to keep your man satisfied. What are some helpful tips that you can give to females on how to keep their man satisfied?
Jeanna Tyomi: Many women believe that being able to perform well sexually is the best way to keep a man, but this is not true. Not only should women know how to care for her man physically, but she should cater to his emotions, his dreams and be supportive of all that he does. If she can take an interest in what he likes and learn how to be encouraging and uplifting for her man, then she will have a player for life!

WRMR: What artist are you currently listening to?
Jeanna Tyomi: Currently, I’m listening to Jeezy, Rick Ross, Daft Punk, Kanye West, Trey Songz and Alicia Keys.

WRMR: Whats next for Tyomi The Glamazon?
Jeanna Tyomi: What’s next for me are countless of opportunities that even I can’t fathom, but for the sake of a concrete answer, in the new year I will be doing a lot of traveling and networking to gain agency representation, I will be launching my Sex Education Blog GLAMerotica 101, I will be stepping into my role as a makeup artist full time and I will be planting my feet in the acting realm.

WRMR: Any Last Words?
Jeanna Tyomi: Be sure to look out for my sex education Blog GLAMerotica 101 in the new year and the launch of my website remember never give up on your dreams and keep optimism high. Also, check out my interview with T’yra on ANTM here:


  1. Akin says:

    Love you to bits gurl….keep the flag waving.

  2. kevin hudson says:

    Hey im a Big fan of you Tyomi, I think that u have alot of talent and a gifted soul…You are Beautiful Jeanna so keep it up… I will be waitin to see more of you in the fashion and modelling world…love you

  3. I adore your blog theme can you tell me the name of it or where you downloaded it? cya.

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    wow,i love this site and the models…..

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