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The Aphilliates, DJ HEAD DEBIASE – Loyalty, Respect & Honor!

November 7th, 2010 | by Mr. Midwest
The Aphilliates, DJ HEAD DEBIASE – Loyalty, Respect & Honor!

The Aphilliates, DJ HEAD DEBIASE – Loyalty, Respect & Honor!

WRMR: What’s Good man? So I’ma Get right into it, What’s going on with DJ Head Debiase?

DJ HEAD DEBIASE:Nothing much, just taking everything one day at a time fam. What’s going on with Head Debiase is maintaining, staying focused and trying to help expand & build the Aphilliates brand as well as my “Intent To Deliver” brand.

WRMR: So how did you come up w/ the name Head Debiase?

DJ HEAD DEBIASE:The way I came up with the name Head Debiase was…Let me start here. My name originally was DJ Head, until years later I found out Eminem’s DJ name was DJ Head and he was right over in Detroit, a couple hours away. So I said to myself, Nah! Can’t even do it like that son…so with much help from fam & friends “Debiase” sounded good, plus if I deecided to drop the DJ I wouldn’t have to change my name again.

WRMR: How’s it like in Grand Rapids, MI? How’s the Music Scene Looking?

DJ HEAD DEBIASE:Grand Rapids…I Love it, but this city is very unpredictable; you never know what’ll you’ll get around here. And as far as the music scene, there’s a lot of talented individuals in the city. We just don’t really have the support system we need to further go the process & that’s where me and my team come in.

WRMR: What’s it like working with such a highly respected crew like The Aphilliates?

DJ HEAD DEBIASE:It’s a blessing to be honest. Shout to the homies DJ Drama, Trendsetter Sense, Willie The Kid & La The Darkman for the opportunity & taking me in as a brother & not just a random ass person.

WRMR: You don’t limit yourself to just one area, your name has been popping up all around! What other city do you like to be in?

DJ HEAD DEBIASE:As far as other cities I have to say [no specific order]: Chicago, Detroit, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Memphis.

WRMR: What do you think its going to take for the Midwest to finally get its fair recognition?

DJ HEAD DEBIASE:What it’s gonna take is for everyone to just be theirself and not immitate nobody, do you. And also be supportive of one another as well as learn the business before you jump in, don’t come in blind to what’s going on or shit can get ugly.

WRMR: You can tell by listening to your mixtapes & twitter that you are big on Loyalty, Respect & Living by a code. How important do you think it is for people in this industry to have those morals?

DJ HEAD DEBIASE:It’s very important, because in this day & time a lot of people are on the independant side of things as far as the music business goes & I know & feel their pain when trying to reach the next level. So I’ve learned to humble myself & be happy with what I have at the moment & just keep working and whatever is meant for me will come in time, “Patience is a virtue”.

WRMR: What are some artists that you would like to do a tape with that you haven’t worked with yet?

DJ HEAD DEBIASE:I really have no specific artist I’m just ready to work, know that! But I would like to do a Lil Wayne & Cory Gunz tape that might be slight ill.

WRMR: So what’s next for DJ Head Debiase?

DJ HEAD DEBIASE:What’s next for me is more mixtapes, events & parties…I have street albums in the works & many projects on the way, such as: Young hash [The Bronx], Stretch Money [Detroit], Trav [Queens], Smoke Dza [Harlem], YP [Chicago], STREETZ -N- YOUNG DEUCES [Milwaukee], Los [D.C.], Cory Gunz [Bronx], Willie The Kid [Gun Rule], La The Darkman [Gun Rule], Civi Mahdi [Gun Rule], Sonny Black [Gun Rule]…and so on…

WRMR: Ok, I know Floyd Mayweather is also from Grand Rapids so your probably rolling with him…what’s your prediction on the Mayweather / Mosley Fight?

DJ HEAD DEBIASE:C’mon Son! Hell Yeah! I’m rollin’ with the home team! Floyd is my homie, real close friend & I’m not just saying that shit cause he’s from where I’m from, like a lot of people do. If you come across him ask him bout me he’ll tell you….LOL…But yeah I got whatever on homie…Nev Sugar Shane…Hae!

WRMR: Thanks for the Interview! Anyshout outs or anything you want the general public to know, How to reach you?

DJ HEAD DEBIASE:No Doubt! Thank You! Shout to: The Real Midwest Radio,, The Aphilliates, Jon Jelks, Tekh Togo, Gun Rule & any & everybody who has helped me thus far. To the general public “PAY ATTENTION”….

For all mixtape hostings contact: GunRule[at] & All Parties/Bookings: Jonathan Jelks

Follow me on Twitter: @DJHeadDebiase


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