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Mc Lyte pens an open letter to the missing Kanye West

June 25th, 2017 | by Mr. Midwest
Mc Lyte pens an open letter to the missing Kanye West

Kanye for the most part hasn’t really been Kanye lately.  I can’t be the only person who has noticed it, and luckily a legend backs me up here.  Recently Kanye deleted his twitter and his Instagram and left the world with just the paparazzi’s to let us know what sgoing on! (Help us lord!)

Veteran Artist, MC Lyte took to instagram to pen an open letter to the missing Kanye West.  On her gram she writes

My dear brother you are on my mind. Where are you? How are you? Will we hear you again? How you feel…will we ever hear how you feel? We miss you. Can’t wait to hear that next thing. Those words. That slay. So slick. Sing your song my brother, Jesus Walks…He does, your are, because he was. He is, he lives, ask & believe, he’ll manifest the gift—-NEW LIFE —We miss you Kanye

I agree… Kanye Where are you?  Hopefully this fires Kanye back up to make his triumphant return to being back Kanye.

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