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Ms Mika Reaves (@MsMika414)- MIDWEST BOMBSHELL!

November 7th, 2010 | by Mr. Midwest
Ms Mika Reaves (@MsMika414)- MIDWEST BOMBSHELL!


Name: Ms. Mika

Hometown:Milwaukee, WI

Measurements: 36D-27-45


WRMR: Introduce yourself to the world!

MS. MIKA:HEY SEXYS! Ya girl Ms. Mika Milwaukee’s Best(tm) is in the fuggin building!

WRMR: So being from Milwaukee, what’s the modeling business like?

MS. MIKA:There isn’t much opportunity in a small city like this. You can only do so much which is why I travel to handle my business and get my name out there. You don’t have to move like everyone thinks, you just have to travel.

WRMR: You’ve got an impressive list of magazine features, what is the 1 magaine you haven’t done that you would love to be featured in?

MS. MIKA:I want to do King Magazine! And I want the damn cover! Lol! I’ve got what it takes! πŸ™‚ But seriously its a very well known magazine and they have a great repuation and I’d love to be apart of that!

WRMR: Just like the music business is oversaturated w/aspiring artist, so is the modeling industry. What sets you apart from the masses?

MS. MIKA:I’m one of a few people that embody versatility. And that’s not only in my images, but in my look! I look different most of my pics. I switch up hair styles so often but am able to pull them off. I have the ability to high fashion, artistic nude, commercialized, whatever the case maybe and not look “awkward ” trying to do so.

WRMR: How is the Midwest represented in the Modeling business?

MS. MIKA:I think we are definitely over looked. The focus is too much on these larger cities: the south, east coast, west, and you can find just as great of talent in the midwest. Probably even greater! πŸ˜‰

WRMR: Are you single?

MS. MIKA:Yes I’m single….Yea I’m single! *in Lil wayne voice*

WRMR: What would a guy have to do to catch Ms. Mika’s attention?

MS. MIKA:Be unique! I tend to draw toward the guys that step outside the box with their approach towards me or the ones that act like they aren’t interested which makes me want to go for them!

WRMR: You are obviously a very sexual person, what are some of the things you recommend females should do to keep their man satisfied?

MS. MIKA:Be Spontaneous…I used to just be chillin on the couch w/ my man and walk in the other room, put on some lingerie, heels and a maybe a wig, and come back to where he was at and surpise the hell out of him with a lapdance or some role playing! Men like when u think of freaky things without them having to ask or tell u!

WRMR: What is your biggest sexual turn on from a guy?

I LOVE biting!! Oooh weee when they nibble on my neck, its a wonderful feeling!

WRMR: Who are some of your favorite artist to listen to?

MS. MIKA:Drake, Robin Thicke, Trey songz, Jeezy, Sade and this group called…..STREETZ N YOUNG DEUCES!

WRMR: When its all said & done…what do you people to remember about Ms. Mika?

MS. MIKA:I want them to remember my character and that struggle that I’ve overcome. I particularly want women to know how beautiful we are no matter what or if anyone tells us. I had the lowest self esteem my whole life all becuz no one told me I was beautiful not realizing that I just had to tell MYSELF how beautiful I was!

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Interview by – Rudy Strong

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