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Why they hatin’ on the Midwest?

September 14th, 2012 | by Mr. Midwest
Why they hatin’ on the Midwest?

You know what really grinds my gears?  The fact that hip-hop today still sleeps on dominance that the Midwest has had on the culture.  Now we get a few nodes here and there but “C’mon fam” can we get an official stamp?  

A lot of ya’ll may be wondering where this all coming from, well I’m going to tell you.  Looking into my massive collection of Source, XXL, VIBE Magazines I noticed that there we’re a few “Special Edition“issue’s dedicated to the East Coast, Down South & West Coast, some even in chronological order.   You know what I didn’t see though….a Midwest Special edition.  NOT ONE, on any of the 3 magazines.   I mean for real?!? How can you not do an issue all about the Midwest? 

At one point Eminen & Nelly was murdering the game in sales, popularity & creativeness.  Even now, to this day, when Eminem & Kanye West drops an album the numbers are phenomenal.  Shady Records & GOOD Music is easily 2 of the most elite crews in the game right now from a whole perspective.  I’m talking lyrics, sales & creativity.  SHADE45 is Eminem brainchild like for real, he’s running that!

When it comes to legends out of the Midwest how can that even be passed up.  We have Twista, Common, Da Brat (F*ck what you think but she is a female legend in the game), MC Breed, Do or Die &  Bone Thugs N Harmony. We can talk about lyrics too because Lupe Fiasco, Royce Da 5’9, Willie The Kid is killing it in that category. And don’t get me started on new comers, because more than 5 emcess out of Chicago signed major deals in 2012 alone (Rockie Fresh, YP, Chief Keef, King Louie & BJ The Chicago Kid to name a few).   Not to mention the L.E.P Bogus Boyz bringing back that essence that Mobb Deep & CNN had when they was reigning.

Let’s not get started on the grind we have because Big Sean, Machine Gun Kelly & Freddie Gibbs is killing on the scene right now.  Tech N9ne is arguably the most successful Independent Artist EVER! His accomplishments alone should put us in some sort of ‘Hall of Fame’ book. KiD CuDi’s music pushed the bar on a whole different level.  Jon Connor is pretty much the new NAS (Yeah I said it, no debate.)  Emcee’s like Chip Tha Ripper & XV have been on constant tours, pushing and building their fanbase and sound.  Most of the new comers that you see flooding the blog scene (and not just the small blogs but the big ones, the RapRadars, 2DBz,, etc.) is making huge steps in this game  Stalley, Aye Verb,  Rico Love, Gerald Walker, Ray Cash,  Streetz-n-Young Deuces, Marvo, Trick Trick, Jef Jon Sin, The Cranberry Show, Sir Michael Rocks, The Cool Kids,  Prophetic, Kidz n The Hall & Many more!

I mean I can go on & on about why we deserve some more recognition in this game.  The fact is simple; we’re not getting the love I feel we do.  Everybody talks about the dominance of the south, east & west but skips over us all the time.  I’m just saying can we get a little love here? “C’mon Fam!”  Can we at least get a cover with Kanye West, Eminem & Nelly for their career.  All 3 of them have been popping 10plus years in this game. Only other artist’s that can say they are doing that actively is Jay-Z, Diddy, T.I. & Lil Wayne and if being mentioned with them aint enough for some love then I don’t know what is?

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  1. Tha Mill says:

    Really good reading material aint nothing but the truth.. The mid-west needs more respect in the game no doubt.They need to take a bigger look over our way and quite overlooking us.. Shit as a Milwaukee artist though i been spreading my name overseas for the last 2 years knocking out shows in Holland,Belgium,Germany.. One way or another we gone bubble with or without recognition just stick to our guns fuck the industry if they aint hearing us or saluting us..

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